Profit from supporting your favorite businesses

Earn loyalty points for every purchaseGet personalized rewardsAnd much more


Earn loyalty points for every purchase at our partner businesses. Loyalty points can be used to redeem rewards at that business. Being a loyal customer will be rewarded and appreciated.


Get rewarded for recommending a business to your friends and family. Every successful recommendation will add loyalty points to your loyalty card. Your friends and family will receive a discount when following your recommendation.


Don’t know any current specials in your area? Recomise gives you the option to see these specials and turn an ordinary night into a special one!


By being an active part of the community, you have the unique possibility of being an active part of the product development cycle. You can provide feedback on new ideas or products to your local businesses. For helping your local business, you will be rewarded by these businesses.

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The available rewards depend on the individual participating shop. To look at a shop’s reward program, search for the shop in Recomise and click on the shop’s profile.

Yes, Recomise is free and always will be free for users.

Open Recomise and click on the main page. There you will find participating shops of the surrounding area. You can also change your location in Recomise to see available shops at different locations.

No, your points will never expire. However, the shop can change its reward system or might stop using Recomise. Those events will impact the value of your points on Recomise.

To delete your account, open the app, click on seetings and then chose “delete account”.